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Our Story (the short version)

We used to be a Management Consulting firm.  

Almost every company we worked with told us that the biggest barrier to achieving their strategic goals was that their "culture wasn't quite right" or that they were "struggling to engage the people".

This led us on a journey of exploration... why was this such a common challenge?  We kept coming back to the tools commonly used - annual surveys, workshops, focus groups... a combination of labour intensive, expensive and time consuming activities that rarely seem to lead to improvement.

Here's what we set out to do... 

  • Let's provide better information about people and culture, so that managers will be able to make better decisions.
  • Let's make the information available in real-time and reflective of what's going on today, this week, this month... not what happened months ago. 
  • Let's make it about people (how does it feel) not just about stuff (how is this, how is that)
  • And let's make this information available to everyone so we all know what's great about work (what we need to do more of) and what's not great (what needs to change/stop)

Happiness Lab is the result.

A tool that empowers the whole organisation through real-time data and insight, that encourages dialogue and provokes positive change, and one that promotes emotional intelligence and collective wellbeing.

Working with Happiness Lab

Our primary objective is to help your organisation to perform better. 

The way we do that is by helping you to understand your culture better and encouraging ongoing improvement at all levels.  

Turning insights about your people into action is important, but it doesn't always need to result in major change programmes or enterprise-wide initiatives.  

We'll guide you to configure and use the array of features within Happiness Lab to generate the insights you need, and to expose those insights to your people in a way that encourages positive action at all levels.

We'll share our experience, insights and tools to support and encourage your efforts, and continue our own ongoing development to make this platform ever more effective. 

We don't generally shout about our client list but they tell us that they value our product, our responsiveness and professionalism, and most importantly the changes they're able to observe and drive as a result of using Happiness Lab.  

Partner Programme

We don’t hold a monopoly on what makes for a better, happier workplace, in fact, we know that there are many good firms with similar goals – helping their clients to improve performance by focusing on people and culture.

If you're one of these companies and would like to explore how our technology could help you and your clients, please click the Contact Us button below to arrange an introductory call.

What Our Clients Say

“I think of Happiness Lab like I do my iPad, I didn’t realise I needed it or would benefit from it… but now I have it, I couldn’t do without it.”   

Divisional Director – FTSE 100 Company

“People are openly talking about their happiness in the office… it’s creating a real buzz about how people are feeling”.  

Director - Global Children’s Charity

"At first, I didn't get it... but now I really look forward to my daily notification.  It offers me a moment to reflect on my day and it helps me to manage my mood.  I love it!" 

Employee - Wealth Management Company

"... when our managers got their teams together it was a real light bulb moment... people came into the room engaged, energised and armed with their data about they'd been feeling at work. Those sessions produced some great ideas and initiatives!" 

Director - IT Services

"The honesty we're getting from employees is amazing... at times brutal but it's great to see" 

Director - Programme Management & Change

"Its power is its simplicity.  We game every system we have, but this is real and honest.  It's brilliant." 

CEO - Global Financial Services Company

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