About Happiness Lab

Making work better for everyone

Why we exist

We spend so much time at work, doesn't it make sense to want that time to be meaningful and life-enhancing? Most executives want that for their people too and when we explain the benefits of a happier workplace it becomes hard not to want to make happiness a priority.

Happiness Lab came about initially as a result of the number of organisations that we encountered (as Stonepoint & Partners - a management consulting firm specialising in strategic alignment) who were struggling with employee engagement and establishing cultures that support their strategic goals. This repeated challenge encouraged us to explore in more detail what was causing such a common issue in big and otherwise successful companies. The more we looked at it, the more we could see there was a great opportunity to change the employee/employer relationship in a really positive way.

Tracking Happiness in the workplace maybe new - but our emotional state, our mood, is the best indicator of performance we have. Developing happier workplaces is good for everyone - not just employees, but shareholders and customers too. It feels like a cause worth pursuing.

Working with Happiness Lab

Our approach to helping create happier, more successful workplaces is unique. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to support the progressive and committed organisations that we work with. Our clients recognise that their existing approaches aren't working well enough and are generally seeking something innovative and different to help them achieve their people and performance related goals.

Partner Programme

We don’t hold a monopoly on what makes for a better, happier workplace, in fact, we know that there are many firms trying to achieve the same things we are – namely, make work better for everyone

If you're on the same mission and would like to talk to us about partnering or introducing our technology to your clients, please get in touch and we can talk explore working together.

If your work is about making the workplace happier, improving individual and team
performance or helping companies to be as good as they might be – then get in
touch as there are numerous benefits to partnering with Happiness Lab®

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