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Your culture is about the one thing that can't be replicated by your competitors.
So why not make yours the best it can be - adaptive, resilient, healthy.
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Happiness is a serious thing...

  • Increase the number of people in your business presenting the best version of themselves everyday
  • Build stronger teams and a more cohesive culture
  • Increase organisational resilience and adaptability
  • Shift the onus of employee satisfaction/engagement from the company and its managers, to the entire business – culture is a collective responsibility that starts with each of us

The benefits are proven...

  • We’re more creative and innovative
  • Our learning receptors turn on
  • We have better cognitive flexibility
  • We take less time off work due to sickness
  • We’re more loyal and stay in our jobs longer
  • We work better with others
  • We’re significantly more productive

Emotions are contagious

Our emotions, spread through groups and organisations - if negative emotions dominate, they will spread, even to your customers. So it makes sense to encourage positivity and happiness. Unsurprisingly, customers (whether internal or external) enjoy a much better experience when interacting with happier people.

Happiness... a new perspective

Happiness represents a shift in perspective. Engagement is increasingly seen by employees as being about the company, often prompting reactions like “you want me to be engaged, go on then, engage me”. Happiness is much more about the individual, we all understand it and we’re much more likely to want to help. With happiness, people are more likely to respond, “I’d like to be happier, how can I help?”

Putting insights to work

Using Happiness Lab workshops with teams has proved to help them to connect their increased emotional awareness with actions that they can take individually and as teams. Our approach encourages experimentation at a local level and fosters collective responsibility for making work better for everyone.

Managing for happiness...

Managing with happiness in mind isn't something that is readily taught or even thought about. Given the strong evidence connecting happiness with human performance, these workshops are designed to introduce concepts and ideas that will support the development of happier, more effective teams and provide managers with skills and approaches to lead their teams with happiness and performance in mind - contact us to find out more...Find out more

What's your culture really like?

We find there's often quite a gap between what leaders think their culture is and how people in the business describe it, particularly as it relates to how people really feel.  Our cultural evaluation tools can help leadership build a clear picture of how things really work in their company and start to bridge the gap towards higher performance.  

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Creating the conditions for happiness

As leaders of businesses, we can't create culture, only the conditions for the right culture to emerge.  We set the tone through our words and actions.  Combined with our cultural evaluation approach, we can help you to establish the right conditions for happiness at work to support the kind of culture that will give you a real edge.  Contact us to find out more...

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