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How are your people doing?

How the people in your company feel at work (i.e. their happiness) plays a major part in determining their performance and your success.

Traditional survey tools and technologies tell you how people feel about aspects of the workplace... but they can't tell you how they're doing (how they feel).

That's exactly what makes Happiness Lab different.  

Sure we can show you how people feel about work... but we can also help you understand and monitor things like emotional health, stress, and wellbeing...  and because it's "in-the-moment", early warning signs can be acted upon before it's too late.

Real insights in real-time about the day-to-day experiences of your people 

Happiness Lab - Rate Your Happiness

Simple, intuitive and quick

Periodic surveys only get you so far.  In-the-moment insights need to be just that.  

High frequency, low effort.  Minimal disruption yet highly effective.

A daily check-in for your people to rate their happiness and to capture a few words on what's influenced their rating shows you exactly what the mood of your company is right now... and through time.

There's no log-in required and it takes only seconds to do.

Happiness Lab - Happiness Wall - interactive narrative and feedback from your employees

Real, Honest, Anonymous. 

Most employee engagement or experience surveys are periodic - they rely on reflection or recollection (which is unreliable).  

Happiness Lab represents a different kind of workplace technology that allows you to see what's really going on in your company - both good and bad.

The anonymity we offer provides safety and when combined the freeform nature of our simple daily routine it gives your people the freedom to be open and honest... and that is empowering

Happiness Lab - Real-time data and insights about your company

In-the-moment people insights  

In a world increasingly driven by insight and data, the more you know, the better decisions you're likely to make.  

Why wait for the results of periodic surveys when by the time you get them the world has moved on?   

In-the-moment data about the mood of your business empowers decision-makers to act upon real insights and see impact almost immediately.

Employee Pulse Surveys

Go deeper for more insights... 

Tracking the mood across your company daily with give you a great set of insights but we didn't want to stop there.

Our Pulse Survey feature enables you to understand even more about your employee's experience on an ongoing basis.  

Regular pulse surveys (using our extensive library of questions or creating your own) allow you to follow the things that you're doing to engage your employees throughout the year and to compare the results over time as you make changes

With our Bespoke Survey tool you can create your own surveys at any time and target them at specific groups or populations in your business.

Happiness Lab App and Mobile Responsive

Our interactive Happiness Wall will enhance your team culture 

Sharing your mood and comments with your colleagues each day builds collective awareness.  

Responding to what others are saying with anonymous replies or reaction buttons helps your people know that they're cared for, listened to, and supported by their colleagues.  

We see people supporting each-other, asking questions, giving advice, even suggesting collective action as a result of other people's comments shared on the Happiness Wall.  

Does your employee engagement software directly enhance the wellbeing of your people, reinforce cultural values, or enable direct action from people at all levels?

Reach your audience regardless of how or where they work

Not everyone in your company sits at a desk.  Reaching them with traditional employee surveys can be challenging, particularly when they're likely to be faced with long lists of questions.

Not only is our approach based upon short, frequent interactions, but Happiness Lab works on any device with internet access and is fully responsive the device being used.   

We also created Apps for both iOS and Android to make it even easier for your employees to use regardless of how or where they work - meaning you'll get to learn much more.

What Our Clients Say

"The honesty we're getting from employees is amazing... at times brutal but it's great to see"

Director - Programme Management & Change

“I think of Happiness Lab like I do my iPad, I didn’t realise I needed it or would benefit from it… but now I have it, I couldn’t do without it.”   

Divisional Director – FTSE 100 Company

“People are openly talking about their happiness in the office… it’s creating a real buzz about how people are feeling”.   

Director - Global Children’s Charity

"At first, I didn't get it... but now I really look forward to my daily notification.  It offers me a moment to reflect on my day and it helps me to manage my mood.  I love it!" 

Employee - Wealth Management Company

"... when our managers got their teams together it was a real light bulb moment... people came into the room engaged, energised and armed with their data about they'd been feeling at work. Those sessions produced some great ideas and initiatives!" 

Director - IT Services

"Its power is its simplicity.  We game every system we have, but this is real and honest.  It's brilliant." 

CEO - Global Financial Services Company

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