Engaging, intuitive and 

flexible features

Simple processes, clear dashboards, powerful analytics and interaction tools 

 to empower your people and unlock your organisation's potential

Employee Wellbeing App

Daily Happiness Rating

  • See how your people feel with a simple and quick daily check-in
  • No log-in required, fully secure and anonymous
  • Gather verbatim comments about what's influencing people's day
  • Schedule when you'd like to ask your people how they're feeling
Interactive narrative and feedback about your employee experience

Happiness Wall

  • Allows users to share how they're feeling with their colleagues (anonymously)
  • Allows your people to interact - react or reply to others' comments 
  • Managers can understand what their people are saying and respond accordingly
  • Search comments for key words
  • Sort the comments by team, rating, date, and reactions
Employee experience technology dashboards

Company & Team Dashboards

  • A visually impactful real-time snapshot of company and team sentiment
  • View different time frames (day, week, month)
  • Configure the hierarchy to match your structure
  • Dive into individual teams or divisions to learn more about differences
  • See quickly trend, spread and changes over time
  • Available to all but you control how much of the company each user can see

Employee engagement survey technology

Pulse Surveys

  • Learn more about your culture with pulse surveys
  • Create your own questions or choose from the proven questions in our library
  • You control the number and frequency of questions you ask (unlimited)
  • Reports automatically correlate responses with responders mood at the time 
  • Compare questions over time to see if your changes are working

    Real-time data and insights - workplace culture technology

    Real-time Analytics

    • Analyse mood and happiness trends through time 
    • Compare different populations 
    • Explore the data with filters (team, division, demographic)
    • Customise your reports to see exactly what you want 
    • Export the data for combination with other data sets
    • Control the level of access for different users

    Happiness Lab personal tracker

    Personal Dashboard for each user

    • My Tracker offers each user a personal log of their happiness over time 
    • Explore how my ratings compare with my teammates and colleagues across the business
    • See all of my ratings and comments whether made public or private 
    • Enables improved personal awareness 
    • Removes the need for recollection and reflection when exploring "how has work been?"
    Happiness Lab App and Mobile Responsive

    Works as your people do

    • Device agnostic means you don't need to be at a desktop to participate
    • App allows users to participate and interact even if they don't have access to email 
    • Control the times you ask employees about their mood to fit with your working hours
    • Manage the timezones for your company, teams and users for international businesses and travellers

    Fully Configurable 

    • Choose the features that suit your objectives
    • Organise the dashboards to mirror your organisation
    • Set demographics that suit your company and what you'd like to see
    • Control who can access which features 
    • Manage visibility of data - share only what you want to 
    • Customise Pulse surveys to ask questions about what's most important to you
    • Choose when you want to ask people to rate their happiness
    Happiness Lab - Bespoke Employee Survey Tool

    Explore key topics in more detail with our Bespoke Survey Tool

    • Design your own surveys to explore key topics in more detail
    • Target specific populations (groups, teams, individuals) 
    • Set start and end dates for completion 
    • Notification panel in the users personal tracker will remind them to complete it.

    Secure, private and anonymous 

    • Totally anonymous and secure for users - promoting safety and honesty
    • Securely hosted in the UK in ISO 27001 accredited data centres
    • Fully encrypted data in transit
    • You remain in full control of access to, and visibility of data
    • Match features to user needs so you share just what you want to

    Click the link to view our Privacy Policy: 

    Privacy Policy

    What Our Clients Say

    "Its power is its simplicity.  We game every system we have, but this is real and honest.  It's brilliant." 

    CEO - Global Financial Services Company

    "The honesty we're getting from employees is amazing... at times brutal but it's great to see" 

    Director - Programme Management & Change

    "... when our managers got their teams together it was a real light bulb moment... people came into the room engaged, energised and armed with their data about they'd been feeling at work. Those sessions produced some great ideas and initiatives!" 

    Director - IT Services

    "At first, I didn't get it... but now I really look forward to my daily notification.  It offers me a moment to reflect on my day and it helps me to manage my mood.  I love it!" 

    Employee - Wealth Management Company

    “People are openly talking about their happiness in the office… it’s creating a real buzz about how people are feeling”.   

    Director - Global Children’s Charity

    “I think of Happiness Lab like I do my iPad, I didn’t realise I needed it or would benefit from it… but now I have it, I couldn’t do without it.” 

    Divisional Director – FTSE 100 Company

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