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A truly unique platform for understanding and developing your organisational culture
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A Unique Perspective

Happiness Lab provides a unique platform for understanding how people in your company really feel and how normal rituals and routines of your workplace affect your people and their performance

Happiness Lab - Company Dashboard comparing teams

Happiness represents a true pulse on your company culture

A simple daily pulse asking "how do you feel right now?" provides a great insight into the emotional health of your company. The daily interaction takes only moments for users but is profoundly impactful for individual well-being and emotional intelligence, team effectiveness AND produces insights at a company level that most firms simply don't have.
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How employees really feel... in real-time

With Happiness Lab there is no analysis-lag. You can see how people respond as soon as they respond giving your executive and managers the opportunity to be much more responsive to the mood of the business.
Happiness Lab "My Tracker" page

We help build emotional awareness and intelligence

Giving each user a personal dashboard that shows how they’ve rated their happiness over time and tracking what has influenced that, helps to build emotional awareness and establish personal accountability ("I own my happiness"), as well as underpinning collective responsibility for happiness in the workplace
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Ongoing and regular employee perspective and feedback

With Happiness Lab you can gain new insights into employee experience. Rather than a single periodic survey, you can seek feedback from your employees with weekly* pulses that enable you to listen to your employees on an ongoing basis.

* or any other frequency for that matter
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Have it your way...

Happiness Lab is entirely flexible. You can determine your own schedule for daily happiness question, determining the time that you ask how people are feeling. Our pulse question-set and frequency can be changed at any time - ask what you like, when you like. Transparency levels can be set too, determining who sees what by way of real-time data, reports and insights. You can also create entirely bespoke surveys, delivered in the same engaging way as the rest of our polling, but enabling you to investigate particular topics.

Happiness Lab supports happier employees

Happiness cultivating tools "On Demand"

Our resources toolkit (articles, videos and tools) will help you and your people to not only get the best from Happiness Lab, but also to discover and use insights, tools, and techniques for individuals, teams and companies that support cultivating a happier workplace.

Happy employee - using Happiness Lab

A positive workplace?  

Happiness Lab generates a simple snapshot of sentiment across the business. Every bit of feedback from employees conveys Positive, Neutral or Negative sentiment - just knowing what the balance is (and in real-time) could give you a real edge in dealing with the things that are preventing your employees from being at their best.

Happy employee using Happiness Lab on a tablet

Device & Browser agnostic

Regardless of what your employees use to do their work, Happiness Lab works on any device that is connected to the internet and automatically adjusts to deliver the optimal user experience on that device e.g. when used on a smart phone, Happiness Lab looks and behaves like an App.

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